Being Good

Being good
  • Friday, May 27, 17:00 Mousonturm Saal
  • きみはいい子
    Kimi wa iiko
  • Japan 2015, DCP, 121 min, Japanese with English subtitles, released to age 12 or older
  • Director: Mipo O
  • Script: Ryo TAKADA based on a novel by Hatsue NAKAWAKI
  • Camera: Yuta TSUKINAGA
  • Production: Ark Entertainment
  • World sales: Nikkatsu
  • Cast: Kengo KORA, Machiko ONO, Chizuru IKEWAKI, Michie KITA, Kazuya TAKAHASHI
  • German premiere
  • Competition Nippon Cinema Award

Idealistic teacher Tasuku hits a brick wall when he attempts to help a boy who is mobbed by his classmates. Young mother Masami is inappropriately strict and cold towards her daughter Ayane, due to a trauma from earlier in her life. Coming on the heels of her 2015 Oscar­nominated THE LIGHT SHINES ONLY THERE, Mipo O delivers a devastating portrayal of bullying and abuse in Japanese society.

Director’s Bio
Mipo O was born as a third generation Korean­Japanese in Mie Prefecture in 1977. After graduating from Osaka University of Arts, she worked as a screenwriter for director Nobuhiko OBAYASHI. Her drama THE LIGHT SHINES ONLY THERE signalled a major breakthrough in her work, winning her prizes for Best Director at both the Yokohama and Montreal film festivals.

2005 The Sakais’ Happiness (Sakaike no shiawase); 2010 Here Comes the Bride, My Mom! (Okan no yomeiri / NC ’07); 2014 The Light Shines Only There (Soko nomi nite hikari kagayaku)

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