A Wild Patience – Indie Animated Shorts by Women

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  • Ryukyu okoku – Made in Okinawa
  • by Renzo & Sayoko KINOSHITA, J 2004, Quicktime, 17:43 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Home Alone
  • by Nozomi NAGASAKI, J 1996, Quicktime, 4:00 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • An Instant
  • by Azuru ISSIKI, J 2004, Quicktime, 3:30 min, no dialog
  • Wiener Wuast
  • by Maya YONESHO, AT 2006, Quicktime, 4:48 min, no dialog
  • Point in Time
  • by Shizuko TABATA, J 2013, Quicktime, 5:47 min, no dialog
  • Face to Face
  • by Mika SEIKE, J 2007, Quicktime, 8:42 min, no dialog, DP
  • GAKI Biwa hoshi
    GAKI 琵琶法師
  • by Reiko YOKOSUKA, J 2005, Quicktime, 6:00 min, no dialog, DP
  • Sato no Chihiro
  • by Chihiro SATO, J 2004, Quicktime, 4:42 min, no dialog
  • What They Believe
  • by Shoko HARA, D 2016, Quicktime, 10:20 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Chorus
  • by Arisa WAKAMI, J 2009, Quicktime, 4:20 min, no dialog
  • Blessing
  • by Arisa WAKAMI, J 2011, Quicktime, 2:00 min, no dialog
  • The Fox of Shichigorosawa
  • by Tune SUGIHARA, J 2014, Quicktime, 13:45 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • In the presence of the curator Dr. Catherine Munroe Hotes and the director Maya YONESHO

Once again, NIPPON CONNECTION presents a short film program curated by film scholar and journalist Dr. Catherine Munroe Hotes, featuring recent works by promising independent artists. This year’s edition focuses on films by female directors, representing a wide variety of different styles.


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