• Thursday, May 26, 20:30 German Film Museum
  • キュア
  • Japan 1997, 35mm, 111 min, Japanese with English subtitles, released to age 16 or older
  • Director & Script: Kiyoshi KUROSAWA
  • Production: Daiei
  • Camera: Noriaki KIKUMURACast: Koji YAKUSHO, Masato HAGIWARA, Tsuyoshi UJIKI, Anna NAKAGAWA, Ren OSUGI
  • Rights: AV Visionen
  • Film copy: Japan Foundation

Several murders in Tokyo appear to be the work of a brutal serial killer, yet each time a different murderer is caught. They all confess, but none of them are able to remember their motives. The investigations lead to Mamiya, a student who seems to have a talent for hypnosis. With its bleak atmosphere, CURE is a disturbing horror thriller, which led to Kiyoshi KUROSAWA's international breakthrough.

Director Bio
Kiyoshi KUROSAWA, born in Kobe in 1955, started his career as an assistant director for Shinji SOMAI, among others. His international breakthrough came with CURE (1997). He received the Prix Un Certain Regard in Cannes twice: for TOKYO SONATA in 2008 and for JOURNEY TO THE SHORE in 2015. He has been teaching at the Tokyo University of the Arts since 2005.

Filmography (selection)
1983 Kandagawa Wars (Kandagawa inran senso); 1989 Sweet Home; 1997 Cure; 1999 Charisma; 2001 Pulse (Kairo); 2003 Bright Future; 2005 Loft (NC ’06); 2008 Tokyo Sonata (NC ’09); 2012 Penance (Shokuzai / NC ’13); 2013 Real

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