Gonin Saga

Gonin Saga
(c)2015 "GONIN SAGA" Film Partners
  • Wednesday, May 25, 22:30 Mousonturm Saal
  • Gonin サーガ
  • Japan 2016, DCP, 132 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director & Script: Takashi ISHII
  • Production: Kadokawa, Pony Canyon, Dentsu, Femme Fatale, Sony PCL
  • Camera: Yasushi SASAKIBARA, Yoshiaki YAMAMOTO
  • World sales: Kadokawa
  • Cast: Masahiro HIGASHIDE, Kenta KIRITANI, Anna TSUCHIYA, Tasuku EMOTO, Masanobu ANDO
  • German premiere
  • Competition Nippon Cinema Award


GONIN is one of the major classics of 1990s Japanese gangster cinema. In this modern sequel, journalists attempt to clarify the messy fall­out from the original movie, and two sons of the original GONIN protagonists become entangled in a violent and psychotic nightmare. Tense, melodramatic, funny, and above all, hard- boiled, GONIN SAGA is one of the freshest films you’ll see this year.

Director Bio
Takashi ISHII, born in Sendai in 1946, is a Japanese director, writer, and manga artist. He studied at Waseda University. Following a number of pink films and independent features, he gained international recognition in the mid­1990s with his yakuza noir GONIN. He continues to work in both the pink film and noir genres.

1992 Original Sin (Shinde mo ii); 1995 Gonin; 1996 Gonin 2; 2010 A Night in Nude: Salvation (Nudo no yoru: Ai wa oshiminaku ubau / NC ’11); 2013 Sweet Whip (Amai muchi); 2013 Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend (Figyua na anata)

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