Hakodate Coffee

Hakodate Coffee
  • Saturday, May 28, 14:45 Naxoshalle Kino
  • 函館珈琲
  • Japan 2016, Blu-ray, 90 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Hiroshi NISHIO
  • Script: Nanoha ITO
  • Production & World sales: Uzumasa
  • Camera: Shogo UENO
  • Cast: Masaya KIKAWADA, Reiko KATAOKA, Tony NAKAJIMA, Azumi, Morio AGATA
  • International premiere in the presence of actor Tony NAKAJIMA
  • Competition Nippon Visions Jury Award and Nippon Visions Audience Award


Eiji, a struggling writer who wants to open a second hand bookstore in Hakodate (Hokkaido), moves into a house which he shares with several artists. As it turns out, all of the residents, including Eiji, seem to struggle with problems. But soon they begin to have a positive impact on Eiji’s life.

Director Bio
Hiroshi NISHIO, born in 1974, gained his first experience in the film world by working on the sets of Kinji FUKASAKU films as a teenager. In 2003, his first feature, NATIONAL ANTHEM, was awarded the Grand Prix by a film promotion board in Osaka. His manga adaption SOUL FLOWER TRAIN (NC ’13) was later shown at several international film festivals.

  • Supporting film: Solo Scum
  • by Junpei MUKAI, Japan 2015, 2 min, no dialog

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