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  • 怪談
  • Japan 1964, 35mm, 182 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Masaki KOBAYASHI
  • Script: Yoko MIZUKI based on stories by Lafcadio Hearn
  • Production: Bungei Production Ninjin Club
  • Camera: Yoshio MIYAJIMA
  • Musik: Toru TAKEMITSU
  • Cast: Tatsuya NAKADAI, Rentaro MIKUNI, Keiko KISHI, Michiyo ARATAMA, Katsuo NAKAMURA
  • Rights: Toho
  • Film copy: Japan Foundation
  • With an introduction by Tom Mes

Based on a collection of traditional folk tales, KWAIDAN tells four classical Japanese ghost stories. Surrealist sets, expressive lighting and spectacular colors are combined to create an overwhelming visual experience. Supported by Toru TAKEMITSU’s subtle yet effective score, KOBAYASHI’s flawless directing turns this collection of supernatural tales into a haunting and unforgettable masterpiece.

In cooperation with the Japan Foundation Tokyo and the Japanisches Kulturinstitut Köln


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