Live Fashionably or Die

Live Fashionably or Die

10 years after the disastrous earthquake in January 1995 in Kobe, a slightly unusual project has been launched in the affected areas: cheer up the elderly people through a fashion show where they walk the runway as models. With this event now in its 11th year, director Yukio TANAKA uses an affectionate touch to depict the people who, by taking part, are able to find new hope and joy in their lives, despite the painfulness of past experiences.

Director Bio
Yukio TANAKA, born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1952, began his career as a scriptwriter. After working as an independent filmmaker, he founded his own production company in 1989. Since 1995 he has focused on making documentary films. His works include a variety of genres and subjects; in addition to seven feature-length films, he has also made a large number of TV films, educational and PR films.

2006 Mapping the Future Nishinari (Mirai seiki nishinari); 2009 Music Documentary PAK-POE; 2014 ITECHO (Itecho zukan); 2015 Kame no tsubasa; 2015 On the Road (Haikai mamarin 87sai no natsu)

  • Supporting film: THE GIRL WHO NEVER KNEW WAR
  • by Yoshimasa JIMBO, Japan 2015, 20 min, Japanese with English subtitles

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