Film Breakfast


Having been a permanent part of the festival from the very beginning, the film breakfast will take place in the Theater Die Käs. Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet with the award-winning drama TOKYO SONATA from the prize winner of the NIPPON HONOR AWARD Kiyoshi KUROSAWA.

  • トウキョウソナタ
  • Japan 2008, Blu-ray, 119 min., Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Kiyoshi KUROSAWA
  • Script: Kiyoshi KUROSAWA, Max Mannix, Sachiko TANAKA
  • Production: Entertainment Farm, Fortissimo Films
  • Camera: Akiko ASHIZAWA
  • Actors: Teruyuki KAGAWA, Kyoko KOIZUMI, Yu KOYANAGI, Kai INOWAKI, Koji YAKUSHO
  • Distribution: Telepool
  • Sunday, May 29, 10:00 Theater Die Käs

Ryuhei, patriarch of an average Japanese middle-class family, suddenly gets fired from his job. In fear of losing his authority, he doesn’t tell anybody and still pretends to go to work. He wanders around the streets of Tokyo, not realizing the difficulties his family is going through in the meanwhile. Brilliant acting and stunning visuals make TOKYO SONATA an outstanding family drama.

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